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What went wrong?

I woke up this morning and on a whim decided to weigh myself. I don’t weigh myself every day. I think it’s obsessive and actually detrimental to weigh yourself every day. Thatvisnt really my point here, though. My point is that the scale showed a number that I had long ago told myself I would never cross again. Are you ready for some personal information here? The scale showed that I weighed at…here goes nothing…162. Ach!

Now, I’m sure that there are tons of people in the world who dream of such a number. However, two months ago I was right around 155 lbs. So, what on earth happened that I’ve gained (ooh, that sounds like a four letter word!) 7 whole pounds in such a short amount of time?

In this particular instance, there is a very simple explanation. I ate tons of breads and carbs, and the week of and after my sister’s wedding I didn’t go running because I was just so exhausted. So, if you eat like a fat person, and don’t exercise, you’re gonna gain weight.

However, having an explanation for the results don’t make it anymore comforting. I’ve lost the weight before, I know that I can do it again, but it’s going to take a lot of self-control and will power.

Do I have any other reader who is brave enough to share their personal story?


My weight-loss journey

Every adventure has a beginning. This is my journey with my body during and after the birth of my children.

When I got pregnant with my son, my first born, I was a recovering anorexic (which is a whole different story for another time). I can’t tell you exactly what I weighed at my smallest, but I wore a size 4 (at 5’5″), and it wasn’t healthy. I can’t even tell you how much I weighed when I first got pregnant, but I can tell you that by the end of it I had gained at LEAST 60 lbs, and was pushing a weight of 200. From the start of that first pregnancy, to the end of my third pregnancy was 3 years to the week. So, yes, I spent 3 straight years being pregnant. Then there was the nursing that comes after it, which for my last baby lasted for 17 months before she weaned herself.

So, I wasn’t eating for myself during these 4+ years. I didn’t care what I ate, didn’t really pay attention to portions. I ate what was easy, available, cheap, and whenever I was hungry (or moody, and with three children, that was more often then I care to mention). So, I stayed at 200 lbs.

Then I got tired of the extra weight. I mean, I used to look good: I was attractive, sexy, and had time to spend on myself. So, my first step was to watch what I ate. I cut the carbs in my diet. Switched to more fruits, veggies, salads, and almost completely eliminated all breads and starches. Over the next 5 months I lost 20lbs just by doing this.

That wasn’t enough for me, though. While I felt better at 180 then I did at 200, I still didn’t *feel* attractive. So, we got a family membership at the YMCA for a discount (still more expensive than a gym, but we don’t have any local gyms). I attended a morning aerobics class rather sporadically, and over the next year, while still watching my diet, I’ve managed to lose another 20 lbs.

On a good day I can weigh in at 158. Which is tremendously better than my starting point of 200. I’m not satisfied with that number though. While I feel more attractive, I’ve still got that horrid “mummy tummy” and I hate it, hate it, hate it! I don’t feel sexy!

Just recently we obtained a new member to our family in the form of a golden labradoodle, and I have taken to going running with her in the mornings. So, now I am on my way to the c25k program with a canine friend edging me along! I am getting there, surely, slowly, steadily. I just have to remind myself that it took me 4 years to get as heavy as I was, and I’m almost to my goal (aiming for 130) just 18 months later.

What are you doing to reach your goal?

5th week of YMCA excersize class in review

English: YMCA logo (international and USA)

English: YMCA logo (international and USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Monday was a holiday, the YMCA was close for celebration purposes


I was a bit upset that I had to take a riser off of my step on Tuesday.  Dealing with some congestion that meant it was difficult to breath.


Weight lifting on Wednesday wasn’t anything special.  Tried to push myself, but found that my technique was lacking a bit which meant I didn’t work what I was suppose to be working, and didn’t feel it the next day.


I was punching the bags so hard at Thursday’s kick boxing that I got and busted a blister on my knuckle.  It was really fun.  I picture a possible assailant and knowing that I will be able to defend myself if I ever need to (and protect my babies), is a comforting thought and what keeps me motivated to punch and kick as hard as I can.


Friday‘s hiit focused a LOT on the saddlebag area of the legs and buttocks…again. It was significantly easier than it has been in the past, but I think that the instructor was also taking it pretty easy on me also.


I’m not losing any more weight, and I can’t tell that I’m losing any inches (at least around my waist), so I keep telling myself that it isn’t about those things anyways.  My husband says he can tell a difference.  I have more energy, and I feel happier most days…I can tell that my depression is becoming more manageable.  I think that alone is a perk worth continuing for!


Week 2 in Review

English: Drops of sweat

English: Drops of sweat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am starting off this week a bit sore already. Friday‘s Hiit was a killer, and I still haven’t fully recovered from that. Onward I trudge though, trying to keep in mind that this is good for me! I especially love the hour and a half or so that I get without children…After 3.5 years of being around these children 24/7 it is an interesting break and leave me ready to conquer the rest of the crazy day with them!


Monday Hiit wasn’t too difficult. It worked out most of the tightness that had built up in my muscles over the weekend but didn’t kill me.


Step-2-it on Tuesday left me sweating through my clothes which is a really big deal for me because it takes a lot to make me sweat! Wasn’t a lot of work on my muscles or really my lungs. Just kept me moving which is a plus.


I had my first experience with weight lifting on Wednesday. I used some pretty heavy weights (8-10 lbs depending in which muscle group we were working), and low number of reps which I am definitely not used to. Some of the moves were really hard to do, but there wasn’t the familiar burning sensation. I enjoyed the experience and definitely felt it the next day!


We slept in on Thursday and I was sad to miss kick boxing.


Fridays hiit was sort of low key. Not sure if that means I’m getting used to it, or maybe the instructor kept it simpler.


The perpetual soreness that has been lingering since I started is lessening a little more each day. I don’t think that my flexibility is increasing any but I’m definitely getting stronger!


Starting weight 158 (I ate a lot of heavy carbs over the weekend)


Starting measurement around waist 36


Ending weight 155


Ending measurement around waist 36




First Week in Review

Aqua Aerobics Category:Water Aerobics Category...

Aqua Aerobics Category:Water Aerobics Category:Aerobics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday was my first experience with water aerobics. It was pretty fun. There were a few moves that I wasn’t too sure about (meaning I couldn’t figure out what I was suppose to be doing, or I felt no burn) but other moves definitely pumped up my heart rate. I especially enjoyed the low impact on my knees, hips, and lower back (which have taken quite a beating with three back-to-back pregnancies).

Tuesday: Didn’t know the class schedule (or my husbands schedule), so we just picked a random time to go. Only managed twenty minutes on the treadmill before the Childcare center closed. Worked my shin muscles, raised my heart rate 🙂 nothing special though.

Wednesday I did another bought with water aerobics. It was called water Zumba but really it’s just kick boxing in the pool.

Thursday I killed my upper legs with some kick boxing. I’ve taken a kick boxing class before but never with a bag. I sweated and it was definitely a work out.

Hiit on Friday was a killer! That’s High Intensity Interval Training. One way to describe it is “gasp, pant, breath, gasp, gasp.” Hahaha! The goal of these type of workouts are to do a lot really fast. You need to be so out of breath that you can’t talk…apparently. But your body continues to work for a long time afterwards. I guess you are suppose to see results in a shirt amount of time. I definitely sweated and that’s saying a lot for me (I rarely sweat at all).

Starting weight 155

Inches around waist 38.5

Ending weight 155

Inches around waist 136

Trying not to get bummed out at the lack of weight lost.  After all, at this point it is about getting healthy not about losing weight.  And inches are probably more important than weight anyways.  The way I see it, muscle weighs more than fat…and I’m definitely gaining muscle (noticed by the inches lost), so maintaining the same weight should mean I’ve lost about 8 lbs. of fat, or so…I’ve just replaced it with 8 lbs. of muscle.  Which will continue to eat away at the fat!  All in all, I’d say it’s been a productive week 😀

Back after a long time

It has been almost a year since my last post.  Lots has happened in my fitness regime.  Not so much in the exercise department as it is very difficult for me to squeeze in the time (hey, I still have three small children, a house, a husband, and a crochet-business to run).  Plus with only one vehicle it is difficult for me to get away from the kids for any length of time.


However I have managed to lose about 20 lbs.  Took me about 4 months to do it.  I did it by going low-carb. Basically, I didn’t eat any breads or dairy.  Lots of water.  It truly is amazing to be able to fit into normal sized clothing again.  I am now in the normal and healthy weight range for my height (the heavy end of it, but I’m still in it!).  I still do low carb, but my weight loss has plateued, which means it’s time to add something else to this lifestyle change.


I have also managed to lose about an inch and a half from my belly in the past month just by doing plank excersizes.  Which from my research is the best way to heal diastasis recti (this is a separation of the abdominal muscles, usually occurring in women who have recently been pregnant, after being pregnant for 3 years (with a total of 9 months break between my three children), I had a gap that was four fingers wide.  Six months of hard work with these muscles has left the gap just half of a finger wide!).


Tonight, I have plans to get a membership at my local YMCA,



Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)


and I am hoping that by doing the classes there, I can continue to get my body into shape.  I am back, and I am eager to be kept accountable for this work 🙂




Beating Down The Judgments

Couch to 5KI am not a thin person.  I mean, seriously, I’ve had three children!  I’ve got a belly pooch that makes me look AT LEAST 6 months pregnant.  Yes, I am *very* self conscious about it.

I run in a very public place – the local park.  There is nothing private about my running.  Anyone can watch me run, they can decide whatever they want to about me.  I am very slow, so naturally there are other runners (and even walkers, I know, how embarrassing) who pass me up.

There is a 123.7% probability that my own insecurities are playing against me, but when I am running, I feel EVERY SINGLE pair of eyes staring at me.  I can sense their probing brains thinking: “What is that fat girl doing running?”  With every person that passes me up I shrink a little bit smaller.  So, just how do I overcome these emotions?  Let me suggest 5 different ways that I have overcome them.

  1. I Love Running.  That’s it.  I’m not running to lose weight, I’m not doing it to get in shape, I’m not doing it for anyone else.  I run because I enjoy it.  If someone else wants to pass judgment on self-enjoyment, then I can totally call out their wine/beer drinking, or their magazine collection, or whatever else that they may do as a means of pleasure.  At least this form of “escape” has some beneficial value aside from mentality.
  2. C25KI’ve just started.  A quote that I read on the lovely world of pinterest: It takes four weeks for you to notice, eight weeks for close friends and family to notice, and another 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice, keep going.  It takes TIME to lose the weight.  Especially after you’ve had a child, like they tell you, it took you nine+ months to gain the weight, it’ll take you at least that long to lose it.  Be patient, you’ll get there.
  3. I’ve had three children.  I know that not everyone can use this as an excuse for their weight.  How about “I went to College (freshmen fifteen, right?)”, or “I’m only 16”, or even “I just realized that I need to do some sort of physical exersize and this is what I’ve chosen”.  Find a legitimate excuse.  Don’t use this excuse as a reason to not get out there and run, just use it to quell those judgmental stairs that you feel as you travel past anyone else on the playground.
  4. How are you going to judge me, when you’re just as heavy/out of shape?  Yes, I’m pulling out the comparison card (which really is a big No No, because you don’t know the other person’s situation).  If just to keep your own mind at ease, go ahead and pull it out, but please, keep this one to yourself.  Just as you don’t like feeling that accusatory stare, so others wont appreciate it from you.
  5. JudgmentHow many people in the world are sitting on their big fat butts, NOT exercising?  Another quote from the lovely world of pinterest:  Doesn’t matter how slow you are going, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.  Again, I’m pulling out the comparison card, but if a person has enough precious time to sit on the couch and watch television then they can certainly find the time to do SOME physical exercise.  Because like I said above, a little is better than none!

So there you have it.  At least the ones that I use to keep me going.  Also, having a good soundtrack should keep you a bit distracted from those non-existent staring eyes, but distractions are going to be covered in a later post (go ahead and subscribe so you wont miss it!).

((If you’d like an invite to pinterest, simply let me know and I’ll send one right over to you, it really is an awesome social site!))

This Eventide’s Data:

Total Time (From walking on to walking off the track): 23:39.6

  • Warm-up: 3:11.8
  • Run: 1:07.3
  • Walk: 1:37.2 (I got a bit distracted)
  • Run: 1:05.7
  • Walk: 1:30.4
  • Run: 1:00.7
  • Walk: 1:31.2
  • Run: 1:04.6
  • Walk: 1:40.8 (got distracted again…haha!)
  • Run: 1:05.2
  • Walk: 1:42.2 (I’ll admit, I didn’t want to run anymore at this point)
  • Run: 1:10.9 (but I pressed on, and really tried to push myself!)
  • Walk: 4:51.1 to get all the way around the track

Total Distance: 1.5 Miles

Calories Burned: 207

Pace: 15:46

Sound Track

  • Earth Wind and Fire – Let’s Groove Tonight
  • Yellowcard- Way Away
  • Matchbox Twenty – 3 a.m.
  • Weird Al – Star Wars Cantina
  • Earth Wind and Fire – Let’s Groove Tonight
  • Blues Brothers – Ghost Riders In The Sky
  • Tarzan – Trashing the Camp

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