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Establishing a new routine

English: YMCA logo (international and USA)

English: YMCA logo (international and USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When you decide to do something new on a regular basis it can be an adjustment.  I certainly think about when school starts back in the fall, or even when school lets out for the summer…it takes a few days, or even a few weeks to adjust to the new schedule and to establish new routines to get you going.  While this takes time for adults and older children, it may take longer for smaller children.


I didn’t even think about these ideas when we first joined the YMCA with the plan of going every weekday morning to work-out.  I knew it was going to be an adjustment for my body as far as the exercise was concerned, but I didn’t think about the adjustment on my routines, schedules, or even on how my children would handle it.


Before we started doing this, my husband and I would stay up late at night, 1 or 2 in the morning.  The children would wake up before us (having gone to bed at 7:30pm), and play around, often making a mess or getting into some big trouble, before him and I would finally get up at 9:00am.  As a side note, my husband has the blessing of being able to set his own working hours, so it was plausible for him to be able to leave the house late, but that also means that he gets home a bit later.  It isn’t like our morning routine was working for us in the first place, but it was one that our bodies had naturally set in order.


Now the kids go to bed a bit later (around 8:30, sometimes 9:00), my husband and I are in bed much sooner, 10:30, 11:00 at the latest.  The alarm goes off at 6:45am, but my body is usually starting it’s wake-up process at 6:30am, and I get after the first ringing of the alarm.  If one of our children has joined us in bed during the night, he or she will wake up with me, and get breakfast ready for everyone else.  It has taken us two weeks to figure out the right pace to move at, and how to get everyone fed, dressed, pottyed, and out the door before 8:00am.  There were some mornings when we moved too slowly at first and then had to kick it in high gear the last ten minutes.  Which resulted in cranky children and stressed parents.  It has also taken about 2 weeks for my children to get used to the idea of going to the child care facilities at the YMCA.  There are still some rough days thrown in there, but now I’ve learned that it takes about 2 weeks for me and my family to adjust to a new routine and schedule.





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