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Ready to go some more!

Mentally, I’m prepared to go out there and run until my lungs burst.  I can push myself to the point of exhaustion.  Physically, this child-birthing body is fighting back.

The plan was to run twice a week, and bike 3-5 times a week.  That plan hasn’t been followed.  I *need* my running time on Sundays, because those are such rough days for me.  My husband is an evangelist, and I end up dealing with all three children by myself throughout his sermon.  To sum it up: my patience, tolerance, and mentality are always stressed by the end of the day.  So, I go running at the end of it, clear my head, re-build my levels of motherhood so to speak.  However, this Sunday, due to lack of planning on whoever’s fault, it didn’t happen.

Sunday morning, we had been at the building for about ten minutes, and it was discovered that a very important something got left at the house (I’m being very vague on purpose, to protect whoever’s fault it was).  So, I loaded up my little bumblebee in the car, leaving ladybug and grasshopper in my husband’s very capable hands, and drove the 5 minutes back to the house to pick-up this something that whoever left.  Whatever incompetency I have decided to pound down upon my little being right at the moment: I could *not* unlock our front door.  So, I opened the garage and went through that-a-way.  The incompetence must’ve still been pounding down, because I got the heel of my pretty brown shoes stuck on the lawnmower and down I went.  I’m sure it was a *pretty* fall, with shoes flying, skirt flipping, hair exploding all over the place.  I landed on my leg.  The part of my leg that was **almost** recovered from last week’s shin splints.  I hope that you noticed the “almost” over there being outlined in DOUBLE asterisks.

I managed to regain my composure, thankful that this tumble happened in the garage out of site of ANYONE that could’ve seen it. Limped into the house, not sure if I’d be able to walk properly again for the rest of the day.  Ditched the heals for some VERY flat flipflops.  Then, I spent the next 5 minutes scouring the house for the something that whoever had left.  I failed to find it, and returned to the church building a bit worse for wear.

All that to say that I managed to re-injure my leg, and have not been able to go running/cycling since.

I am beginning to really dislike this physical body that has had so much abuse over the past few years.  If I ever get into shape, I vow never to get out of shape again.  It’s the getting into shape that’s probably going to see the death of me though 😛


Stuck on week 1 (of the C25K begginner’s running program)

Well, I guess I’ve done the first week of the Couch to 5K beginner’s running program about 4 times in the past year.  Why keep starting, why not just don’t quit?  Well, there are quite a few different reasons and I’m just so stinking frustrated about all of them!

It was last year, I guess right about this time – in May – I got through the third week, and discovered I was 7 weeks pregnant.  Overall, probably not something to be frustrated about, but as far as the running went…well…I had to stop.

About two months ago, I got through the first week and my knees gave out.  I’ve never had great knees anyways, but I was trying to run in cheap worn out tennis shoes…this just doesn’t work.  It was another four weeks or so before we could afford to get me some new, meant for running, shoes.  I was so stinking frustrated, I came home fuming and totally pigged out on M&M’s – I know, way to counteract those burned calories.

A month ago, I got through the first week and then my husband diagnosed me with shin splints (I wrote about that HERE).  My leg hurt so bad I didn’t know if I was going to be able to drive home.  Again, I was so angry that I came home and pigged out on ice cream – again counteracting the burned calories.

Once again, it seems that the shin splints have flaired up.  I was attempting the first day of the second week, it shouldn’t have been too hard.  The weather was absolutely perfect, and I was ready to really push myself and do it.  45 seconds into the first running segment, I noticed that my shoe was untied.  So, I stopped and tied it, and noticed a slight aching in my leg.  I thought, no big deal, it’s probably just that muscle getting worked a bit (I was very diligent tonight about warming up, stretching, and getting my legs ready to run).  I finished that run segment and felt great!  I was hardly out of breath, I could feel my blood pumping, and I thought “I can totally do this”.  However, as I continued with the walking segment, my leg just got worse and worse.  By the time my clock hit 2 minutes, I could hardly walk on it.  I limped the rest of the way around the track and somehow managed to drive home.  Talking to my husband about the situation, I just about cried all over him because I was very unhappy.  This time, I came home and pigged out on pizza.  For some reason the pigging out makes me feel better.

Well, we should be scheduling a doctor’s appointment soon, and maybe I’ll get some legitimate answers, figure things out, and start over AGAIN.  Yeah, this little Mamma is ready to get into shape :-\

Self diagnosed with Shin Splints?

C25KDidn’t do so great tonight.  It was a lot rougher.  Didn’t go as far or as long either.

Maybe it was the meat loaf for dinner.  That’s a heavy meal that sticks with you for a while.

Perhaps it was the dehydration.  I’m awful at drinking enough water.

It could’ve been the rougher terrain.  Hail storm a couple nights ago knocked around LOTS of debris.

Apart from the stitch I got in my side (this is a side affect that I have noticed before, when I try to do physical activity without being properly hydrated), by the fourth running segment, I starting feeling a pain in my shins.  I tried to shrug it off, no big deal, pains come and go all the time.  But, as you can see from my times listed below, during the fifth shift of running, it was too bad to ignore.  A pain unlike any I had felt before.  It wasn’t muscle pain, or fatigue, but rather a dull ache right down in my bones.  This pain was present in both legs.  It was so bad that I had trouble driving home.

Talking to my husband about it after I did manage to get home, he diagnosed me with shin splints.  Having no idea what a shin splint was, what caused it, how to keep it from happening again, I did a bit of googeling.  I came across these two awesome websites (WebMd and Medical News Today) which answered any questions about shin splints that I could have, and confirmed in my little head that my husband had diagnosed me right.

Running with Shin SplintsTo save you the tedious job of reading through these websites, let’s just say that shin splints are an inflamation of the shin bone (the Tibia) and my shin splints are probably caused by my flat feet running on the hard concrete.

I haven’t always had flat feet; but being pregnant tends to make your feet go all out of shape.  See, what happens is, when you are pregnant, you have this hormone that causes your ligaments to relax (you’ve gotta be able to get a 6+ lb child through your pelvic girdle, the ligaments stretch).  However, this hormone isn’t focused to your pelvic region, it effects EVERY ligament in your body, including the ones that hold your feet together.  My feet grew a half size to a whole size with each pregnancy and they don’t shrink back afterwards.

What am I going to do to combat these shin splints?  Get inserts for my shoes, for the arch support.  That’s it for now.  If that doesn’t do the trick I might have to try something else, or even more drastic, go to the doctor.  But for now, this is going to have to be enough for me.

Do you have some sort of physical condition that might keep you from physical activity?  How do you combat it and fight through it?


Tonight’s Numbers:

Total Time (From walking on to walking off the track): 26:06.9

  • Warm-up: 5:01.2
  • Run: 1:01.6
  • Walk: 1:30.8
  • Run: 1:02.1
  • Walk: 1:30.5
  • Run: 1:02.1
  • Walk: 1:31.6
  • Run: 1:01.0
  • Walk: 1:32.2
  • Run: 0:51.4
  • Walk: 10:01.2 to complete around the track

Total Distance: 1.0 Miles

Calories Burned: 228

Pace: 26:06

Sound Track

  • Reliant K – Must’ve Done Something Right
  • Stepenwolf – Born to Be Wild
  • Relient K – Mood Rings
  • Smashmouth – All Star
  • Reliant K – Must Have Done Something Right (again, played twice?)
  • Journey – Any Way You Want It
  • Switchfoot – This is Your Life
  • Yellow Card – Life of a Salesman

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