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If my 2 yr old can do it why not me?

English: A man lifts his shirt up to expose hi...

English: A man lifts his shirt up to expose his well-developed abdominal muscles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I noticed something on my 2 yr old girl the other day that just blew my mind…She has a six pack! Now, I know that she’s not had the three pregnancies or the chance that I’ve had to gain any weight (I mean, I’ve got 20 something years on her). But she has a six pack!!! How does that even happen? I know that she’s a super active girl.  She loves to run, and she does run…EVERYWHERE!  She climbs, she jumps, she throws, she is a champion fit pitcher, she is very busy.  I’m not saying that she’s busy because all toddlers are busy…she’s exceptionally busy (I’ve had two other toddlers, and other people who work closely with her age range all comment on how busy she is…yeah, she’s really active).  My point is, if my 2 year old can have a six pack, then by all means, so can I!!!!!  Granted I’ve got a lot more working against me: Laziness, three previous pregnancies, 20 something years.  But I’ve also got a lot more working for me: The desire to become fit, an interest in healthier foods, working for that specific goal.  So, my statement for today is, if my 2 yr old can have a six pack, then why can’t I?




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