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I feel as if it’s been one thing after another lately.  I’ve been dealing with some depression issues – without going into the gory details, I feel like I have too many children, I am not adequate to perform all of my jobs (home-maker, wife, mother), and have lacked motivation to get anything done (it might be mild postpartum depression).  Thankfully, I seem to be getting out of that funk just in time to get hit with the stomach bug.  It started with my oldest daughter on Wednesday, hit my husband on Thursday, hit me and my youngest daughter on Friday, hit my son on Saturday, hit me and my husband AGAIN this morning/last night, and hopefully we are on the mend from this disgusting yuckiness.

We were all feeling pretty hunky dory yesterday so we went on a bike ride.  I wont lie, it was tough.  Cycling is a work-out of sorts that I just don’t understand.  My quads get all weak and shaky, but they don’t hurt like sore muscles from other work-outs.  I was getting real frustrated during our ride because I know I’m not as out of shape as all that.  I’d cycle for about 2 minutes, then I’d be so out of breath, and my legs would refuse to go any further.  The really frustrating part was knowing that an hour after we were done, I wouldn’t feel ANY of it.

I might be one of those strange people who enjoys the sore muscles after a good work-out.  Especially after running, I love feeling that I’ve done something productive.  The next morning, I can stretch out the soreness, and feel myself getting stronger.  With our bike ride yesterday, there was no soreness involved.  Once I caught my breath (which took a lot longer than I would’ve liked), and replenished my water, I didn’t feel a thing.

My husband says that it’s because cycling is low-no impact sport, and while most work-outs involve micro-tears in the muscles that creates the sore effect, cycling does not.  Personally, I prefer those micro-tears, but I’m going to keep cycling because my husband enjoys it so much, and we can do that as a family (whereas running is just me and the pavement).

I was hoping to start the C25K again this afternoon, but seeing as this stupid bug has me horribly dehydrated, I will probably wait until I’m recovered.  Let’s just say that I’m thankful to have a nursing child, because otherwise I wouldn’t even attempt to eat or drink anything right now, but I’m doing it for her.

The stats:

  • Total distance: 3.3 miles

We did 2 miles nonstop, took a long breather, and then did another 1.3 miles.

  • Moving time: 30:16
  • Calories: 380
  • Max Speed: 11.9 MPH
  • Average Speed: 6.6 MPH

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