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Dieting does NOT work!

Fads, fads, fads.  Every bit of them.  Going on a diet simply will not accomplish what you want it to accomplish!  Sure, there are several gimmicks out there that can help you lose weight and get fit, but by definition, these diets are TEMPORARY.  If you really want to keep that weight off, well, you can continue spending the tons of money for whatever program you are using until the day you die, or you can change your entire lifestyle and throw all of the diet books away!

For example, yes, I can count points for weight-watchers, but is that going to work if I get pregnant again, if my husband dies suddenly (which I pray AGAINST on a regular basis), if I contract some chronic health problem?  Uh…of course not!  But, if I choose healthy foods, if I get into the habit of grabbing an apple for my lunch instead of a chocolate chip cookie…well…THAT will turn into me WANTING the apple instead of the cookie, and when these life changes occur, it wont be a conscious choice to choose the apple, I’ll just do it.

Another example, even joining the highest ranking gym can’t last forever.  My husband may lose his job and we are poor, or we might move away, or I might break a leg (wouldn’t that be super ironic right now in my life: My three small children would run amok for sure!) But if I choose to live a more active lifestyle, even loss of the gym won’t keep me down.

I can actually use a personal example for this one.  Just recently me and the children have traveled across country to spend the summer with my family.  My family eats TONS of carbs and breads, and obviously, I couldn’t bring my aerobics instructors with me.  I have found myself eating hamburgers with no buns, choosing grapes for breakfast instead of cereal, and I picked up running where previously I had used the gym.  I don’t have to make the choice, it just comes natural for me to *want* the healthier options.  In this way, I can keep living healthy, without having to worry about specific or strict *diets*

Have you ever tried a diet that just didn’t work out for you?


The use of MyFitnessPal

Wanna lose weight and get healthy? One way to do this is by counting calories. As someone who makes a whole lot of meals, dishes, and treats by scratch this was a constant struggle for me. Then I came across the wonderful app for my iphone: MyFitnessPal (you can follow me with OneHotMess_YMamma) and, wow did that make things easy! Not only could I plug in the exact recipe that I created and let the phone do the calculations for me, I can also scan things like granola bars, and apples, and the app inputs all of the information, AND I can even search for restaurant foods and get the caloric count straight from the internet! Calorie counting made easy right here!

BUT, is there a right and a wrong way to count calories? And is it *really* effective?

I strongly believe that when it concerns being healthy and losing weight, WHAT you eat is far more important than HOW MUCH you eat. I have watched the scale go up when I eat one slice of pizza, and down if I eat an entire bunch of grapes. Plus I feel significantly different after eating those different foods. The grapes give me energy and a full, satisfied feeling, the pizza makes me sluggish and hungry, wanting more pizza. PLUS, that entire bunch of grapes is going to be at least half of the calories of that single slice of pizza. When it comes to counting calories, yes, a calorie is a calorie, but to get the full effect of counting calories in order to lose weight, try considering the following points:

  • Eat the largest caloric meal first thing in the morning
  • Pick the healthier foods, it really will make a difference
  • Try not to drink your calories. Water is a neutral calorie
  • Eat more than three times a day, try 5-6 times, spread those calories out
  • Negative calories DO exist! Foods that burn more calories to digest than they give to your body (try celery!)
  • You simply CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet, so don’t even try to burn off the extra calories that you consumed. It doesn’t work like that.
  • Hit your calorie limit every day. Eating too few calories is not going to benefit your health. If you don’t eat enough, then your body is going to start eating itself, and your running into anorexic territory. I have been there and done that, and it isn’t as great as you might be lead to believe.
  • Enjoy feeling proud of the healthy choices, and watching that scale go down!

Do you use MyFitnessPal? Feel free to follow me at OneHotMess_YMamma, and comment below with why YOU love MyFitnessPal!!

Back after a long time

It has been almost a year since my last post.  Lots has happened in my fitness regime.  Not so much in the exercise department as it is very difficult for me to squeeze in the time (hey, I still have three small children, a house, a husband, and a crochet-business to run).  Plus with only one vehicle it is difficult for me to get away from the kids for any length of time.


However I have managed to lose about 20 lbs.  Took me about 4 months to do it.  I did it by going low-carb. Basically, I didn’t eat any breads or dairy.  Lots of water.  It truly is amazing to be able to fit into normal sized clothing again.  I am now in the normal and healthy weight range for my height (the heavy end of it, but I’m still in it!).  I still do low carb, but my weight loss has plateued, which means it’s time to add something else to this lifestyle change.


I have also managed to lose about an inch and a half from my belly in the past month just by doing plank excersizes.  Which from my research is the best way to heal diastasis recti (this is a separation of the abdominal muscles, usually occurring in women who have recently been pregnant, after being pregnant for 3 years (with a total of 9 months break between my three children), I had a gap that was four fingers wide.  Six months of hard work with these muscles has left the gap just half of a finger wide!).


Tonight, I have plans to get a membership at my local YMCA,



Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)


and I am hoping that by doing the classes there, I can continue to get my body into shape.  I am back, and I am eager to be kept accountable for this work 🙂




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