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Ready to go some more!

Mentally, I’m prepared to go out there and run until my lungs burst.  I can push myself to the point of exhaustion.  Physically, this child-birthing body is fighting back.

The plan was to run twice a week, and bike 3-5 times a week.  That plan hasn’t been followed.  I *need* my running time on Sundays, because those are such rough days for me.  My husband is an evangelist, and I end up dealing with all three children by myself throughout his sermon.  To sum it up: my patience, tolerance, and mentality are always stressed by the end of the day.  So, I go running at the end of it, clear my head, re-build my levels of motherhood so to speak.  However, this Sunday, due to lack of planning on whoever’s fault, it didn’t happen.

Sunday morning, we had been at the building for about ten minutes, and it was discovered that a very important something got left at the house (I’m being very vague on purpose, to protect whoever’s fault it was).  So, I loaded up my little bumblebee in the car, leaving ladybug and grasshopper in my husband’s very capable hands, and drove the 5 minutes back to the house to pick-up this something that whoever left.  Whatever incompetency I have decided to pound down upon my little being right at the moment: I could *not* unlock our front door.  So, I opened the garage and went through that-a-way.  The incompetence must’ve still been pounding down, because I got the heel of my pretty brown shoes stuck on the lawnmower and down I went.  I’m sure it was a *pretty* fall, with shoes flying, skirt flipping, hair exploding all over the place.  I landed on my leg.  The part of my leg that was **almost** recovered from last week’s shin splints.  I hope that you noticed the “almost” over there being outlined in DOUBLE asterisks.

I managed to regain my composure, thankful that this tumble happened in the garage out of site of ANYONE that could’ve seen it. Limped into the house, not sure if I’d be able to walk properly again for the rest of the day.  Ditched the heals for some VERY flat flipflops.  Then, I spent the next 5 minutes scouring the house for the something that whoever had left.  I failed to find it, and returned to the church building a bit worse for wear.

All that to say that I managed to re-injure my leg, and have not been able to go running/cycling since.

I am beginning to really dislike this physical body that has had so much abuse over the past few years.  If I ever get into shape, I vow never to get out of shape again.  It’s the getting into shape that’s probably going to see the death of me though 😛


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