Getting Fit After Giving Birth – one program at a time

What about ME?

I’m a super *young* wife and mamma.  I’ve had 3 children in less than 2.5 years.  I was not super in shape BEFORE getting pregnant with my fist, super lazy during all of my pregnancies (due to increasing hip pains), and now I’m attempting to change my lifestyle.

I am aiming to get into shape using the different programs that are available.  The first one that I am using is the Couch to 5K running Program.  Also known as Cool Runnings.  After that’s completed, I might upgrade my running regiment, or I might add on another program like weight lifting, yoga, or something else.

Once I am done nursing my youngest (who is just 5 months old now), I will be adding some healthy eating programs to my plans.  For now, it’s impossible for me to stay full for long and I eat whenever I’m hungry whatever I can find.  Join me in my adventure to get fit and get healthy!


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