Getting Fit After Giving Birth – one program at a time

What went wrong?

I woke up this morning and on a whim decided to weigh myself. I don’t weigh myself every day. I think it’s obsessive and actually detrimental to weigh yourself every day. Thatvisnt really my point here, though. My point is that the scale showed a number that I had long ago told myself I would never cross again. Are you ready for some personal information here? The scale showed that I weighed at…here goes nothing…162. Ach!

Now, I’m sure that there are tons of people in the world who dream of such a number. However, two months ago I was right around 155 lbs. So, what on earth happened that I’ve gained (ooh, that sounds like a four letter word!) 7 whole pounds in such a short amount of time?

In this particular instance, there is a very simple explanation. I ate tons of breads and carbs, and the week of and after my sister’s wedding I didn’t go running because I was just so exhausted. So, if you eat like a fat person, and don’t exercise, you’re gonna gain weight.

However, having an explanation for the results don’t make it anymore comforting. I’ve lost the weight before, I know that I can do it again, but it’s going to take a lot of self-control and will power.

Do I have any other reader who is brave enough to share their personal story?


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