Getting Fit After Giving Birth – one program at a time

If you don’t have the right equipment, your work-out could be torturous, and even worse, result in no gain.  You have to have the right equipment.  By right, it needs to fit your specific body, it needs to offer the right kind of support for the activity, and it has to look super chic right?  😛

  1. For running: Shoes.  I started off running with my cheap worn out tenis shoes, and it was murderous on my knees.  They couldn’t handle the stress.  And on the few occasions that my knees could handle it, I walked off the pavement with shin splints that continued to plague me for MONTHS afterwards.  Not a very efficient way to keep up a decent excerpting regiment.
  2. Women need proper undergarments.  ESPECIALLY if you are rather busty (or breastfeeding, or in my case, both).  Seriously, there is nothing more uncomfortable and awkward than having your ladies doing more moving than you are.  Some women prefer to bind those beauties with tight fitting sports-brands.  If your breastfeeding, that may lead to other issues, so just make sure that you get something that will keep those ladies in check.
  3. Men may need proper undergarments as well, but I’m obviously not a man and can therefore not speak from personal experience…
  4. Proper attire.  Rock climbers don’t need baggy clothing…In fact, most exercising programs don’t benefit from baggy clothing.  You can get chaffing and irritation that just makes the working out tedious and loathsome.  However, you also need something that is comfortable for you.  Some people enjoy the skin tight apparel (Personally, I find them a bit immodest, but I realize that’s a personal opinion, and am not judging you at all!).  There are so many options out there these days for program specific work-out clothes, and many of them come in several different colors and styles! Do you want blue biking shorts, or maybe you are looking for a pink running shirt?  Functionality does NOT replace aesthetics in today’s world!
  5. Water.  I strongly believe that God gave us water for the primary purpose to hydrate us (and everything else), and nothing that man makes can ever be better for our bodies than water.  My husband on the other hand, likes to argue that Gatorade is better because it replaces electrolytes that water doesn’t have.  In any case, I include water as equipment because sometimes you might carry it along with you during your work0out.
  6. Yes, the dog needs proper equipment as well!  This may include leash/harness, some more aggressive dogs may need a muzzle (at least while they are training), and if you are running hardcore with your dog (think marathon or more), shoes may be a good investment.
  7. Childcare.  When I started working out, I already had all three of my kids and working out WITH them wasn’t an option for me.  I took advantage of timing (leaving kids home with my husband), or the childcare services that my gym provided.  However, for lots of little Mamma’s out there, exercising without their little ones isn’t an option.  In this case, it is important to have a stroller, or other carrying device, that you can work with.  I will admit that I tried running with our stroller once.  It was a cheap yardsale find, I squeezed the two younger kids in it, and attempted to deal with the wobbly wheels and glitchy lock levers for a whole mile before I came home frustrated and fed up!

Especially if you are just getting started, there are lots of little roadblocks and speed bumps that you will encounter, why would you want to add improper work-out equipment to the list?  With this being such a simple roadblock to fix, it shouldn’t ever be an issue in the first place!



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