Getting Fit After Giving Birth – one program at a time

I don’t know how many of you are aware of the C25K running program.  BUT, it is an app (that’s for free, btw), that has you working in segments slowly building your endurance until you can run straight through a 5K.  I was told through the grapevine that week three of this program was the hardest.  And I admit, that I did go into week three feeling a bit…what’s the word I’m looking for…apprehensive.  Running for three minutes straight sounded a bit daunting and scary to me.  However, as I rounded out day three of week three, I wasn’t too winded or feeling limited by the end of it.

Day 1 of Week 4 on the other hand…whipped my little tail and pounded me to the pavement.  Me and the pooch didn’t make it through even that first running segment, and I ended up completely ignoring the little beeps that my app was giving me.  However, I kept on with the progrAm, and day 2 was almost a breeze for me and the dog both.

So, this got me to thinking: Why was the first day so much harder to me than the second day was?  What makes some days of working out so much more difficult than other days?

  • Digested nutrients.  Yes, the food that you eat very definitely makes a difference in your exersizing!  Just like lack of food can cause you to be sluggish, greasy foods also weighs you down.  What did you eat the day before?  Right before your work-out?
  • Amount of sleep. I noticed when I was pregnant especially that being horizontal for just 10 minutes could refresh my body. Your body rejuvenated and regenerates while you are sleeping. If you don’t get enough rest and sleep, you’ll see several areas of your life affected.
  • Emotional well-being.  I’ve heard it said that people who run for exercise purposes are always trying to ineffectively run away from something. Being emotionally stressed out can leave you unfocused, distracted, and result in a more difficult work-out.
  • Previous work-outs.  If your muscles are tired and sore from a previous situation, then you might have to take things a bit easier.  I participated in some extreme water sports over the weekend, left my muscles tired, weak, sore, and way full of lactic acid.
  • Physical health.  Getting sick can really drain the energies out of you. So can weak hormones, or other numerous health issues.

Running is not just about getting into shape. It also alerts you to the other factors of your life that may be dragging you down. You have to get your nutrition right, hydrate, sleep better, and get your mentality in shape, too. Once you connect all the little pieces together, I bet you’ll find lots of interesting changes in your own life.


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