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The difference that 30 lbs, and a little bit of muscles can make!

Italiano: Un atleta che pratica wakeboard, fot...

Italiano: Un atleta che pratica wakeboard, fotografia amatoriale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My family owns a boat.  My parents *purchased* it back when I was in high school, and we spent our summers out on a perfect little lake.  My brothers got real big into wake boarding, but we also had a few pairs of skis, a couple of knee boards, half a dozen tubes, and other water sport equipment.  Back in the day, my big thing was the skis.


Because of the nature of my personal life, however, I wasn’t able to get behind the boat for four years.  Three of those summers I was actually pregnant, and even though it probably would’ve been ok (at least for my third pregnancy when I was still in the first trimester, my first two I was 7-9 months pregnant, and probably should’nt have even been out on the boat…sshh!), I wasn’t willing to take that risk.  Last summer I wasn’t pregnant, but I was 30 lbs overweight and a bit *lazy* from being pregnant for so long. I didn’t trust myself out there, I was real unsure of my ability to control my body.


Wakeboarding (733262124)

Wakeboarding (733262124) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


However, I am going to toot my own horn a bit right now, and say how impressed I was at the ease, and the fun with which I experienced water sports again this summer!  Not only did I manage to get up on the knee board first time around, I did a surface 360, and even managed to get a bit of air while jumping the wake.  I was excited about the simplicity of all of that, but something even more exciting for me, personally, was a personal first.  I have never even tried to get up on the wakeboard before. tried once before, probably 7-8 years ago to get up on the wakeboard.  Just attempted to get up only once.  After using the skis for a while the wakeboard just felt too weird, I didn’t like it.  However, I decided I’d give it another go just recently, and popped right up my very first attempt!!


THAT is the difference that 30 lbs, a little bit of muscle, and some self-confidence in my body’s own ability has made!  If for no other reason, THAT makes all of the sweat and sore muscles totally worth it!  I am not a puny little wuss of a woman.  Having children has not made me weak and lazy.  Being a Mom does not mean that you can’t have fun and enjoy extreme sports!










6th week of YMCA excersize class in review




When a 24 hour stomach bug hits a family of 5 people, it can take several days for all of us to get over it.  Thankfully, my son didn’t get it, but me and my oldest daughter had it twice.  So this round, it took a week for us all to recover from the most debilitating stomach bug I have ever encountered.  Vomiting, Diarrhea, cramping…it was a bit rough.  So, there was a week long break from working out, and I must say that I sorely missed it!


Also a new instructor started this week.  She’s…different.  I like how she’s trying to incorporate her own moves and her own style, so that’s going to take some getting used to.  I don’t like her style: She doesn’t seem like she’s having fun.  She’s high energy, and knows what she’s doing, she’s got a good plan figured out before class starts.  A lot of it might be that she is brand new…not just a new instructor to the YMCA where I go, but she JUST got certified and this is her very first class to teach ever.  So, she’s nervous, and probably doesn’t even know her own style yet.  I’ll give her a few more weeks before making my final decision though ;-P


Monday’s HIIT was pretty easy.  I didn’t sweat through my clothes like I usually do, and there was probably just one set where I really got my heart rate up.  Like I said…new instructor…she’ll get there I’m sure.


Step on Tuesday I went in planning on only using 1 set of risers.  The new instructor only used 1 set of risers and I noticed that most of the class (whom would usually use 2 sets of risers with the old instructor) also used 1 set.  It was just interesting to note that when the instructor steps it up a notch, so do the students.


Slept in on Wednesday, so missed weight lifting 😛


Got some new work out gloves specifically for kick boxing Thursdays, and man did it make a difference!  I really felt it in my chest muscles just a few hours later.  I really enjoy slamming my fist into that bag.  Again, picturing a possible assailant and knowing that I could use these techniques to defend myself and protect my children is motivation to really slam that punching bag.


In-laws came into town Thursday night and I wasn’t able to make it to the YMCA on Friday morning, which meant I missed HIIT.  I don’t particularly enjoy HIIT, but I know that it is super good on my system, which means that my heart misses it…I miss the work-out that my heart and lungs would get from it.


Crazy busy weekend ahead of me, and it’s good to know that I can have the energy to keep up with everything that I need to.  Overall, I am enjoying these daily workouts.  The result that it is having on my body…which as I’ve said before, isn’t my own.  That’s the purpose of working out, to be a good steward of this body that God is loaning me.  Other perks are to live longer, feel better, have more energy, and if the good LORD desires, and easier future pregnancy 🙂


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