Getting Fit After Giving Birth – one program at a time


Run! (Photo credit: steve.garner32)


This blog was started as a way for me to keep track of my running stats, and to keep me accountable for the training. I’ve started the c25k running plan a total of six times in my life. I’ve yet it even make it to the third week.


The first time, I discovered I was pregnant, and you aren’t suppose to start a work out like that when you just conceived a child, so I had to stop. A year and some odd months later I tried it again. This time it was knee problems. The third time it was shin splints. The fourth time it was my knee and shin splints. A year later (which would be this year), I tried it again. This time it was changing weather (I absolutely despise the cold. Starting a running program in the cold just wouldn’t work for me), and the sixth time my knee acted up again.


I’ve heard of a multitude of people having great success using this method for getting in shape and losing weight. I think it’s a great program, however I have just about decided that running is not for me. At least not yet.Β  I’ve still got to strengthen some muscles and bones that have been inactive for far too long.


I try to keep in mind that I recently had three children really close together. That it takes two years to fully recover from said experience. That I really wasn’t physically fit before I got pregnant the first time (I was super thin, but only because I was struggling with anorexia, NOT because I wanted to be thin, but because I had an issue with food). But it’s still discouraging to want to do something and be hindered by a physical ailment.


English: running

English: running (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It may seem a petty or a pathetic comparison (after all I can still walk and function properly), but these temporary set-backs make me quite mindful of the physically handicapped. They have to live with being completely unable to perform necessary actions at times, forget about partially completing the fun ones!


My solution to this problem: keep trucking on, try a different program! So I’m not a runner, that’s ok. There are other things I can do. And maybe as I get stronger with these other programs, get my heart in shape, develop more muscles…maybe THEN I will be able to run πŸ™‚




Comments on: "What about running with C25K?" (2)

  1. Thank you so much for linking my blog to your page – I’m honored! πŸ™‚

    Running is tough, if it were easy everyone would do it! Like you, I’ve heard good things about the C25K program – but that program is not for everyone, just like cheerio’s isn’t for everyone (sorry, it’s early and my creativity hasn’t kicked into full gear yet, but you get the idea).

    Keep at it with running, it’s very tedious and challenging until you make it a habit. I find usually 2 or 3 weeks of a regular running routine gets it ingrained in your system. Other exercises like biking, swimming, cardio classes, yoga, etc…help strengthen your muscles and endurance and in the process make running a little easier each day.

    If you need any advice, let me know – I’ve been running for about 13 years.

    • Thank you so much for the support! I am hopeful that I can workout a bit more, build up my strength and stamina a bit, and give it another go in a few more weeks.

      If I continue to have problems I will be stopping by πŸ˜€

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